Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hope you are all having a fun and safe Summer!!
Zane, Luke, Andrew and Olivia enjoying the
cool water at Grandma and Grandpa Bockey's Pond.
The boys are finished with swimming lessons at the YWCA.
I think Luke is going to be the swimmer of the group.
Olivia especially loves to hold on to our hands and jump into the water.
Andrew on the slide at Smiley Park in Van Wert.
All the kids would rather climb UP the slide than slide down.

Olivia in some tall grass 'eating clover' like a bunny rabbit.
I don't think she can smile any bigger than that!

ZANE- The Tree Hugger. Zane is climbing Grandma Joan's apple tree.
He's like his Dad always wanting to climb and be a dare devil.

We planted some trees a few weeks ago and had to dig up worms to plant with the trees.
Luke was scared to touch them at first. I kept saying, "They don't bite, just pick it up."
Mark noticed and pointed out that I (Mommy) wasn't touching them. I said, "It's Luke's job."