Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing Grocery Store is so much fun! Zane asked me if they could
use real food from the pantry to put in the shopping cart. I agreed and later
heard Luke say, "Is this on sale?" Zane's reply was, "It's on my list."
The flashlight Zane is hanging up was the 'beeper' and Luke was the Beeper Lady!
Olivia was handing Luke the groceries and Andrew was the bag boy.
The past weeks we have been busy staining the exterior of the house.
No, Zane is not really staining! He's only in training to help in another 4-5 years.
He wanted to be on scaffolding like Daddy and
he even paints with this tongue sticking out-like Mark.
Zane and Andrew liked putting water in buckets and using a little brush to help 'stain.'

Photo taken at Hocking Hills-Old Man's Cave. Luke got his hands in the water
every chance he had. Here, he climbed out on a limb so he could splash around.

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